Bryan Terry for State Representative


Leading with Our Shared Values

Throughout America, there are nefarious individuals who are exploiting superficial differences to divide our communities and our families. I believe our shared values unite us to a greater extent than any of our differences and when we focus on those values, we thrive.


Individuals and businesses value safe communities to live, work, and raise a family. As a legislator, I’ve consistently worked to ensure that our law enforcement, firefighters, and military are appreciated and have the tools to protect our freedoms and communities.


As Chairman of the House Health Committee, I’ve been leading our state on health-related issues like the opioid crisis, mental health, children’s health, care of our elderly, cannabis extracts, medical transparency, health care costs, and improved access. I have consistently offered solutions to the health care problems facing Tennessee.


District 48 includes many farms and families enjoying a rural way of life. As someone who grew up with a family farm, I understand the love and passion for rural living. I have consistently supported our agriculture families by co-sponsoring legislation like the Rural Economic Opportunity Act. I will continue to fight to keep the rural way of life that citizens in the 48th district enjoy.


In addition to an educated workforce and affordability, employers look for recreational activities as one of the criteria for their employees and associates when looking to locate their businesses. Recreation and tourism are multi-billion dollar industries that are vital to the economic success of Tennessee. Protecting and promoting an environment that attracts tourists and businesses is a priority to ensure that our unemployment rates stay low.


Though Tennessee has shown improvements in our student growth, there have been a multitude of unacceptable failures. I have been a leading voice for having a fair, consistent, and valid system that improves our education outcomes while working to ensure morale and confidence in the system amongst students, parents, and teachers is present. Students, parents, and teachers know that I will continue to be their advocate in trying to fix a flawed system.


District 48 is one of the most diverse districts in Tennessee including farms, suburbs, inner city, industrial businesses and MTSU. As such, we need representation that understands and can relate to a wide variety of issues and concerns. Having grown up working in a blue collar, auto salvage family with a horse farm and earning my way to becoming a medical professional who owns a small business and is an associate affiliated professor in the UT Medical system, I’ve been able to understand and advocate for our unique needs as a district.


In order to be an effective representative and advocate, one must understand that there is Value Of Involving Citizens Everyday. From sponsoring legislation for students, constituents, or the county to providing frequent legislative and community updates, I have worked to be the voice that District 48 needs. I will continue to do so.


Low taxes and a low cost of living ensures that our Tennessee families continue to receive more bang for their buck. We are one of the lowest taxed states per capita with the lowest debt. I have consistently fought for the taxpayer and have been named a Taxpayer Hero.


Having been named a Protector of the Constitution, I have been a leader in protecting our liberties and freedom. I have consistently fought to ensure equal protection under the law while ensuring maximum freedom of Tennesseans.


When there is life, it begins at conception. As such, we must protect that which is sacred. I’m proud to have been and continue to be a proactive voice for the unborn.


By decreasing unnecessary regulations leading to a freer market, Tennessee has historic low unemployment rates with job growth 1.5 times the national average. By supporting measures like the Right to Earn a Living Act and the Fresh Start Act, we are building an economic engine for our individuals and families.


Security of person and property is a fundamental human right. As such, the right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. I will continue to ensure that our rights are protected.


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