Bryan Terry for State Representative

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Get Connected with

Your Voice in Nashville

Principles, Process, and Passion

Dr. Bryan Terry proudly represents Rutherford County and District 48 with Principles, Process, and Passion. Applying his principles to an issue, Dr. Terry asks three core questions:

Then, when looking at legislation or trying to find solutions, he goes through a five-step business-like process: Premise, Goals, Options, Consequences, and Feasibility.

Utilizing his principles and process, he is able to best serve his constituents, community, county, and state with passion.

Dr. Terry's Five-Step Process
What is the premise or problem to solve?
Dr. Terry's Five-Step Process
What is the goal?
Dr. Terry's Five-Step Process
What are our options?
Dr. Terry's Five-Step Process
What are the consequences of the options?
Dr. Terry's Five-Step Process
What is the feasibility of each option?
Dr. Terry's Five-Step Process
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Supporting Tennessee schools and educators, while empowering parents to make the best choices for their children.


Leading our state through health challenges with the knowledge gained from years of experience in the field.


Championing and upholding family values to ensure that Tennessee remains the ideal place to raise a family.


Backing our law enforcement, firefighters, and military, and ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools to protect our communities.


Helping our rural communities succeed by advocating for policies that benefit our farmers and their way of life.


Opposing illegal immigration and striving to preserve Tennessee jobs for both citizens and legal immigrants.

Working for You

Serving as our State Representative for District 48 has been an honor. As a student of self-governance, it has been a pleasure working with constituents, students, and local organizations to enact positive changes and make a difference in our community and state. From taking on issues like odors and the landfill to protecting our rights and cutting taxes for our families, it’s been a privilege to serve our community. I am grateful for the trust and support you have placed in me, and as we look forward, I am committed to continuing to represent the interests of our district with integrity and dedication.